THE Origins of THE Social Credit SECRETARIAT

The Social Credit Secretariat was set up by Clifford Hugh Douglas in 1933 as an educational venture. By then, his major works had been published, "Economic Democracy" (1919), "Credit-Power and Democracy" (1920), "The Control and Distribution of Production" (1922), "Social Credit (1924)", "The Monopoly of Credit" (1931) and "Warning Democracy". Each of them ran to multiple editions, and became the subject of study not only in the UK but also in Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Norway and other countries.

Philip Mairet’s "The Douglas Manual" contains extracts from all Douglas’ major works, collated according to subjects. The full text of "Social Credit" is available electronically, as is Geoffrey Dobbs' “Introduction” to "Economic Democracy".

Also available on the site are the early Douglas articles published in The English Review. (See the C. H. Douglas page.)